Girls 6th-8th Competitive

Coach Sabrina Hartell is bringing her skills to Vail and is launching a Competitive girls team. Teams will play in the upcoming leagues and travel for tournaments.

Contact Sabrina to get more information: 520-861-1195


Who I am:
I was raised in Vail. I started playing AAU basketball in the 6th grade. I played for the Tucson Shock for 5 years. In that time I developed a set of skills that helped my offensive and defensive part of my game. In High School I played 4 years of Varsity Basketball at Cienega High School under Paul Reed where I learned combo moves and perfected defense. By my senior year I was averaging 10.1 points, 4.9 rebounds, 1.5 steals and 2.1 assists per game for Cienega. I also played for the Tucson Rattlers where we traveled to Oregon, California, Las Vegas, Chicago, and many other places. This gave me the exposure to be seen my hundreds of college coaches. At the end I was recruited by over 20 Schools, but I fell in love with Asheville, North Carolina where I accepted my scholarship to Mars Hill University. Unfortunately, due to an injury it ended my collegian career. After coming home, I met Coach Callie Tippett who took me under the Vail Blaze. I worked with her and her 7th and 8th grade boys team where we won our Championship for that season. I also am currently work for the City of Tucson with Kidco. Where I hope I am able to mentor kids to chase after their dreams and do everything you can to achieve it.

My goal:
My goal is to build these young individual ladies and build Vail into the program it use to be. Where we had players like Alyssa Deal, Alyssa Roche, Megan Placencia, Monique Hardy, Gabby Banales, Treyanna Clay, Densia Smith, NaKeva Mack and many other great Vail Basketball players. It is important to build these individuals into potential collegian athletes. I do not want to build your child for middle school or high school ball, but to be at a college level with their hard work and dedication. I want to not only develop them on the basketball court but outside the court as well. I want them to get involved with people around the community and fundraise and volunteer. It is important to build skill and character. It would be an honor to be able to teach and develop these young individuals in basketball. Trust the process.