Where are the games played?
Teams are registered in the YMCA league. Games are played at various YMCAs and Gyms throughout the Tucson area.

Do we need to purchase a uniform?
Yes, all players that play in the YMCA are required to purchase a YMCA Jersey for $15. That jersey can be used season after season. If your child’s team joins a different league, the team may need to purchase jerseys. Parents will help with that decision.

Why can’t we play games in the Vail area?
Gym space! There are only 4 gyms available to your teams in the Vail School District. I am not able to get enough gym space to have enough teams to form my own league.

What are the age groups?
1/2nd grade, 3/4th grade, 5/6th grade and 7/8/9th grade

Who determines team placement?
Team placement is determined by myself as the club director along with the coaches at each level.

How is team placement determined?
1/2nd Grade
We form 1 team of the most experienced and coordinated players. Children not placed on the top team will be divided into moderate players and beginners. The moderate players will be divided among the remaining teams then the beginning players will be divided onto those teams. This will provide each team with players that provide stability along with those who are beginners.
3/4th, 5/6th and 7/8/9th
Players are evaluated based on coordination and skill level. Teams are then formed with the most coordinated and skilled players on the A team, then the B team and so on. The team with the beginning players will struggle in games but will allow them to learn at their level in practice. Cuts are made at the 7/8/9th grade level based on skill level and team team size.

Are there cuts?
Possibly! If we are in a situation where we don’t have enough players to form a complete team, those players would be cut. For instance we have 21 players come out for 5/6th grade we would form 2 teams of 8 to 10 players depending on skill level and the others would be cut. However if I can get the gym space and we can recruit more players, no cut would be needed.

My child is a beginner, will this be a good fit?
To this point I have been able to have beginner teams. This is more difficult the older they get! 7th-9th graders need to have basketball experience.

Who are the Blaze Coaches?
Most teams are coached by parents who Volunteer their time. We have 3 paid coaches who coach 7/8th and 9th grades with the possibly of them coaching younger teams if volunteers are not available.

Refund Policy
Partial refunds are available until team placements are made and rosters sent out. Once rosters are sent refunds are not available.

Can we request for our child to be on the same team as a friend?
Yes, as long as they play at the same level. The more advance player would need to play down to accommodate the friend request if their skill level is different.

Can we request a certain coach?
Yes, as long as the coach is coaching your child’s level.